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Welcome to the very best of Australian Cattle Dogs. We have Heelers that can serve in any way on any level. From family, homestead to ranch and farm. Our dogs are tested and proven in temperament, health and workability.


Our Dogs

Our dogs carefully selected, raised, trained and loved for the most successful outcome. Our dogs are tested in temperament, workability and conformation. We seek the very best of the breed in mind, body and spirit to not only exceed the breed standards but offer absolute perfection to families and farms.

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recent accomplishments

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Congratulations to our very own Hoyt for receiving high BH in the 2024 USCA regionals competition.


Congratulations to our ohhh so amazing Folk for earning his BH in the 2024 USCA competition.

Our Females


Cobbers Broken Halos 

top cattle dog breeder

HC1 CGC Spader Vintage Vivian 

emberwick ranch blue heelers texas austrailian

Jamesa's Cowboys and Dreamers 

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Emberwick's  Wicked Vendetta


    hat we look for in our dogs spans beyond the standard. We strive not only to preserve the breed but perfect it. A companion who is hard working, dedicated family pet or ranch hand, correct in conformation, balanced in temperament and highly intelligent. Being an asset anywhere they go providing years of loyalty and companionship.


Our Males

Outside stud

folki stud Australian cattle dog heelers

Emberwick stud

Wicked Twisted Trickster

RedBlue Star's kennel Caramel

Outside stud


Albritt's Viking Warrior's Valor

cattel dog texas emberwick.jpg

Emberwick stud

Spaders Vintage Rone

Learning & Resources

Learn about breed standards set by the Australian Cattle Dog Club of America. From appearance, temperament, size, color variations and more.

Learn everything about this wonderful breed here, their history and how they've developed over the years through today.

Here you'll find the standards for the breed according to the worlds largest registration of breeds. From temperament, size, colors and more.

As a leader of our industry, we continue to grow, learn and study, for decades we have enjoyed Leerburg training programs and recommend to anyone wanting to grow as a owner trainer.

This incredible Texas breeder continues to perfect and preserve the working breed and world. Hosting events, trials and supporting the working dog community.

Working Dog Gear

Books and Readings

Learn about breed standards for the Australian Cattle dogs. Everything you need to know from appearance, temperament, size, color variations and more.

The Story of the Dogs That Brought About Australia's Transformation from Starving Colony to Pastoral Powerhouse

more to come
check back soon

Organizations and Clubs

Texas Herding Association is a non profit Club formed in 2011 to promote herding in Texas in all types of herding venues including American Kennel Club, American Herding Breeds association

To preserve the knowledge of the past by collecting and organizing existing research; and to disseminate this knowledge to the vast spectrum of Australian Cattle Dog enthusiasts

To encourage and promote the pure‑bred Australian Cattle Dog and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection, organize shows and more.

A few of our Partners, Affiliations, Recognitions 
and Accreditations

akc evaluator test puppy dog dfw rockwall trainer training texas dallas
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protections sports blue heeler
schutzhund club protection dog trainer training texas dfw

About Our Team

We are a dedicated staff of trainers and fanciers who seek to enhance owner/trainer skills while building a dog to his/her absolute best abilities mentally, physically and in spirit. We teach, learn and grow as a team- while respect, sportsmanship and enjoyment is non-negotiable, our aim is to always be the very best.

About Club

Is a sanction within our Team for those who are NOT seeking to compete, allowing the general public and our alumni "pet" owners a space to develop as an owner-handler, also giving the pet an outlet and advanced training on a regular basis.



Anyone serious about dog training, working towards a title, or has a dog that is an alumni of our program may qualify to join.

Club+Team is held twice a week starting at 6pm sharp

working dog trainer texas
blue red heelers
professional protection training
working dog club
Australian cattle dog heeler
malinois working dog trainer

We welcome you to come check club out and see the fun, hard work and dedication.

Emberwick's Puppy Development Center

Private Sessions | Appointment Only

Any pup born, raised or training here completes this course. Proper development begins through our PD program; building solid foundation of confidence, proper social skills, stimulating the pup intellectually and cognitively. Also developing the pups coordination and agility safely and appropriately, and much more.

Australian cattle dog breeder puppies for sale
Puppy-development skills texas kaufman
puppy development training fun park training
pups play training texas dfw dallas rockwall kaufman gun barell

Upcoming Liters + Available Puppies

Available Older Pups and Dogs

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