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Nestled southeast of the DFW Metroplex lies Emberwick Ranch, home of some of the happiest and hardest-working animals in North Texas.

    Our founder and head trainer, Rhys Clark, built this ranch with his family in 1999. He specializes in working dogs and performance horses.

    We offer training for horses and riders in Western Performance Disciplines such as Reining, Trail Class, and Cutting as well as pleasure trail rides on our fantastically trained horses through the backwood trails on the ranch at only $45 per person.   

    Come see Emberwick Ranch and Burn Brighter With Us.

emberwick ranch dog training horse
horse training


horse trainer
horse training
Horse in Stable

Trail rides

Trail Rides

Guided on-site

Enjoy our experienced horses or bring your own. Ages 12 years and Over.  Maximum 4 riders at this time unless you are trailering in. ​ We maintain woodland trails best used for practice, starting out, or just relaxation.

Horse Lease - $45 per sesson/rider as first ride price then $25 after if rider rescheldules within two weeks of the previous ride. Riders who do not attend within the time frame with start back on first ride price. This includes a small riding lesson before leaving the barn.

Owner Horse - $25 per session/rider


Join us for an adventure throughout beautiful and vast Texas landscapes and national parks. We tentatively schedule these 1-2 times a month.

Horse Lease - $65 per session/rider 

Owner Horse - $25 per session/rider (Trailering if needed is TBD)

~Boots with a heel are required~ ~Under 18 Helmets are required~

Tack Room



Beginner/Intermediate riding lessons on-site. Ages 8 and Over.

~Boots with a heel are required~ ~Under 18 Helmets Required~

Basics of riding, foundation maneuvers in reining, cow work, western trail, western/hunter pleasure, problem solving, and horsemanship practices.

Riding Lessons -  $65 per hour

Team members that have committed volunteers hours - $25 per hour




We offer professional training in both western and english that vary from foundation/basics to starting to problem solving. In addition to this service, we also offer private sessons with your horse in training to help with problems, manuevor, or disapline specific practice.


Starting Under Saddle - $3,500 per horse with a minimum of 3 months to be considered started. Post starting the horse moves to monthly priced in which conditioning services are offered or continue regular priced training. Foundation and Safety maneuvers and behaviors taught as well as off site experience. The last month includes 4 owner lessons and a trail ride (if applicable) to ensure a continued happy journey with your horse. Weekly updates and visits to also keep you involved in the process. (Problem solving training may vary TBD by problem)

Training - $850 per month per horse

Conditioning/Tune Up - $550 per month per horse​

Additional Sessons - $50 per session per rider ​

Included in training is full care board (stall/paddock, Purina product feed, 12.5% coastal burmuda hay, shavings, weather permitted turnout) Temporary Full Care Boarding $15 per day if needed post training.

Serious inquiries call to schedule evaluation

White Horse

Available Horses


Available Horse

Wicked Vendetta "Vee"

Details soon


Rockytop Blackstar "Gaia"

Details soon

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