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emberwick ranch dog trainer llc

With the Right training, your pet is set for a lifetime of success


Complete professional dog training solutions for all ages, life stages and behaviors such as;

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Fear/ Aggression

  • Reactivity

  • Resource Guarding

  • Owner Guarding/ Over attachment

  • Trauma

  • Rescue history/ Abandonment issues

  • Lack of foundation/ development

  • Premature removal from mom/ littermates

  • Abuse/ Neglect rehabilitation

  • Owner bonding and reunion

  • Over hyperactivity

  • Hyper sensitive 

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  • Pets are kept in our home; training is real life and applicable; prepping the pet for proper interactions with people, pets and places in and out of the home.

  • Field trips and outings for healthy exposure and real life training

  • Proper socialization, exercise and play

  • Healthy, fun and engaging exposure and distractions to work through on our ranch for a confident obedient pet.

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Behavior Modification and Therapy

As experienced, leading experts in animal psychology, dog behavior, temperaments and specialty training we are dedicated to transforming challenging behaviors into positive habits. Each program is tailored to the individual needs, individuality, history and make up of each pet. Offering personalized and effective solutions that match your goals and pets learning style. This isn't about giving you a new dog back, but rather preserving your dogs individuality and bring out their best. 

Behavioral issues and unwanted behavior in dogs can range from aggression, reactivity, fearfulness to anxiety;  we approach each case with a respect to the pets needs, learning style so that the dog can lean into our expertise.


Our tailored programs in behavior modification for dogs get to the root causes, working towards a positive relationship between owner and companion


As professional trainers, and owners, we are compassionate and hold an understanding of the importance of patience and positive reinforcement throughout the process. We work closely with both the dog and the owner, creating a supportive environment for progress, learning and growth.

Board and Train in itself, is an engaging fun daily schedule of training and activities right here at Emberwick Ranch- our home and facility; an environment that develops and yields lifelong behavioral skills for your pet  -all while being themself. Our program is intended to be a true home away from home experience, your companion is in our home, sleeps and trains in and around a family setting- home environment on our 60 acre ranch; learning real life skills in a real life setting.

While attending training your pet will enjoy optional (but included) lifestyle training in a variety of areas, such as; safe/secure car rides, meeting and greeting visitors, proper interaction/ socialization, field trips, hikes, trail walks, water activities (optional), character+cognitive development courses/activities and the general ebbs and flow of a home. They will go on outings and attend events to the best of their ability to further their training and prepare them for a life of happiness and success.

Because we personally train and compete with our own dogs, we are able to offer professional world class training and experience to families and their pets. We are certified evaluators, judges, coordinators and competitors in the world of dogs in a plethora of aspects. Because of this we are very big on OWNER training and the relationship between owner and dog...


After your dog completes our board and train program, we following through with solid owner training. Using methods that preserve the individuality of the pet, building integrity, working with their natural character, and learning style. There is adequate training and lifelong support post training.

Our Philosophy 

What We Offer + How we train

Fun effective methods that achieve any pet goal, from new pups development to old dogs learning new tricks and everything in between. We are not a "cookie cut" one size fits all method, rather we match the method to the dog as an individual according to their uniqueness, individuality and learning style.

Methods that build Character and preserve Individuality.

Just like humans, each pet learns according to their character and individuality. We preserve your pets uniqueness, while building confidence and skills. 

All breed and Ages


With years of experience and pet success we understand the specific needs of breeds, backgrounds and learning styles. We welcome all ages and life stages.

Comprehensive Owner training and Support


We not only stand behind out trying but we support pet owners as well. We offer, phone text and video chat support for lifelong success.

Guaranteed Results


Our training is guaranteed. Results and positive training is our goal. Preserving pets uniqueness and seeing you though to success is a promise we keep.

A few of our Partners, Certifications, Recognitions 
and Accreditations

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akc rally
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Free tips because We are here to help!

We offer a free full hour consultation and evaluation when you call. Additionally we also offer complementary tips, advice and guidance whether you sign up or not. Feel free to text or call with your pet goals, we are truly here to help.

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