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malinois training specialist


Complete professional dog training services for all breeds. We are certified evaluators and trainers in a variety of sports and associations. 

  • Conformation/ Show training and handling

  • Protection Sport Association training and titling

  • Personal Protection training and owner handling

  • IGP Training, titling and Clun

  • AKC FitDog

  • AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizenship)

  • AKC Rally all levels

  • Trained dogs and prospects available

Services and Specialty Training

Programs are tailored for each client. Most are suitable for all breeds and all ages. Everything we do includes owner education and training


Complete training for owner and dog(s). Tailored and customized to your needs. Guaranteed results and Lifetime support. 

Protection Training

From PSA, IGP to personal protection, we offer full training service beginning to end. Additionally we pups bred for sports and family, and older trained pups.


Hands on show ring training. Training that makes the show ring enjoyable to you and your dog. Learn the show ring inside and out. Proper handling techniques and etiquette   

ObediencE trials

We offer training and titling services for the world of AKC, Owner training and handler service available. 


AKC FitDog

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Module 1

Conditioning Marker

Intro to Training Platforms

Nose Touch 

Tuck Sit


Module 2

Intro to warm-ups

front paw targeting

Shake a paw

Cookie Stretches

Kick Back Stand - Spin

Module 3

Klimb  to Klimb 

Kick back Stand

Spin Left to Right

Cookie Stretch

Kick Back Stand Challenge

Dog with a toy

Level 1

Module 4

Come to Klimb

Fold back Down


Cookie Stretches 

Intro Obstacle Course

Module 5

Warm Up Refreshers

Pivot Rear Legs



Simon Says

Module 6

Warm Up Review 

Skill Assessment

Q&A & About Level 2



Obedience Titles

Obediance Titles

We offer a variety of training options for titling your dog in the world of competitive obedience, sports and various activities. As an AKC evaluator and active competitor we offer owner training services and professional training- handling.

AKC Rally

Rally is a fun and enjoyable obstacle course owner and dog train for and  exhibit obedience skills, bond and focus. There are several levels.


The CGC stands for "Canine Good Citizen". This tile is a great way to exhibit your dogs  ability to maintain focus and mannerisms as expected


A trail to test the dogs ability to respond and obey to series of commands, exhibiting owner relationship and the basic ability of the dog. 


As described above, this program and an enjoyable series of modules taking the owner and dog through fun and educating training sessions to ensure mental and physical health of the dog, and comprehensive education for the owner


This is our Puppy Development Program. A compete program that builds their foundation of confidence, cognitive and coordination, skills and environmental exposures to build on


This is our Comprehensive Evaluation Certificate. A program designed to test the dog in a plethora of ways such as nerves, drive, intellect, program solving abilities and response to owner. Not only a test of obedience but also an assessment of the dogs overall mindset and ability.

Protection Sports

Protection Training and Sports

From protection, sports and associations, trials to personal protection. We offer custom start to finish services and programs to reach your dog training goals.


Personal + Family Protection

If you have an interest in a family and or personal protection companion we offer start to finish services, training, handling and titling programs and services.. Additionally have pups and trained dogs available

dog trainer .JPEG


IGP is an obedience and protection sport almost any dog can compete in at their level. We offer full training and support for both owner and dog training and trials. We also offer handling and titling services.



PSA is a competitive sport designed to challenge the true nerves and ability of owner and trainer. We offer training and support in training and titling start to finish.

A few of our Partners, Affiliations, Recognitions 
and Accreditations

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We not only offer a free full hour consultation and evaluation when you call, but we also offer complementary tips, advice and guidance whether you sign up or not. Feel free to text or call with your pet goals, we are truly here to help.

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